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By the planning and realization of our building sites we place on team work with our professional partner companies. Thereby we can guarantee a high-quality result at complicated construction works.

Zweibau Real Estate and Investment

2bau-realinvest In ZWEIBAU we help you to find the house of your dreams //



Tiles and mosaic

Schlüter-Systems offers an assortment of more than 6.000 field tested solutions for tile laying and natural stones.


ceramista_pavimientosWhen it comes to quality and first class design in bathrooms or swimming pools there is no one better than Ceramistas, who is one of the leading companies in ceramics on Gran Canaria. //




Garden and terrace

logo-toldos_carbonellToldos Carbonell is one of the leaders in awnings and textile-structures. They can make anything out of textiles possible and have a very high quality system for awnings. //




Biological pools 

Agua-vida is a Balearen based company which has got a lot of experience in purification-systems by plants and any kind of natural pools. We trust the advices of this specialized company. //

This Portugal based company is very specialized in the waterhousehold balance of biological pools with its natural purification systems which are very important for a long term enjoyment of your swimming pool. //


Our specialist for gaining ecological energy is Ikarus Solarsystem. With this company we have been working together for several years and are very satisfied with their knowledge an their professional work. //





agua-es-vida_logoWater treatment and purification are the specialties of our partner "Agua es vida". They offer well engineered products from top-companies. //