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Pool construction

From an easy and economic pool till the pool of your dreams! We are looking forward to consult you with the design, the shaping, the water tecnique and the attractions to integrate your new pool into the surrounding and to plan the financing.

For sure we guarantee quality in all details and executings! Thus we promise that your new pool will be a great fun without expensive "surprises".

Brick-built pools

Brick-built pools are the favourable alternative. You can choose the shape of your pool as you want it. Perfect for organic forms.

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Polyester coatings are perfect to create round and organic shapes. It is a very favourable tecnique.

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Foil pools

Foil coatings con be realized very fast. They are perfect for defective surfaces! Fotos or designs can be printed on the foil.

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Overflow pools

Overflow pools represent the perfection of pool construction. The whole pool and its surface is getting cleaned continuously. Furthermore they are a very elegant solution.

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Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles form an elegant high quality surface in your pool and convert it into an absolute singularity.

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Concrete pools

A concrete pool is the perfect solution for highest demands. The shape of the pool can be adapted to your special needs.

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A ladder saves space and money. It is as well an option for a compact pool as for a public pool to complement with the stairs. In this manner the required exits can be realized.

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